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Why We Partnered

Steve Reis and Danny Fields met in 2015 in Houston, Texas while attending Rice University’s MBA program.  They quickly learned that they not only shared a similar background, but they shared the same drive for entrepreneurship. Both  attended the only two public military colleges in the United States – Danny graduated from the Virginia Military Institute and Steve from The Citadel – and served a combined 13 years in the US Army before deciding to find a new way to earn a living in the oil & gas industry. After acquiring their first business together in 2019, they relocated their families to Ohio, where they are now looking to add additional products and services to their customer base by acquiring like-minded businesses. 

Steve Reis

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After growing up in Florida, Steve graduated from The Citadel and joined the US Army as an Infantry Officer in the 82nd Airborne Division. While serving he held various roles, but developed most by leading a platoon of Paratroopers in Afghanistan and being the second-in-command of an Infantry company. Having achieved the rank of Captain, he left the Army and began a new career at a rapidly growing oilfield service company led by a group of seasoned entrepreneurs. His time there involved improving business infrastructure systems, integrating an acquired company into the corporation, and finally, standing-up a new business unit while beginning his MBA studies at Rice University. Steve currently serves as the CEO of Holland Supply Company and Utility Solutions Group.

Danny Fields

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After growing up in his great-grandparents’ former farm home in rural Indiana, Danny pursued an Undergraduate degree at the Virginia Military Institute and joined the US Army immediately upon graduating. During his 9 years of service, Danny gained unique leadership experiences leading elite Special Forces teams of Green Berets into combat and advisory roles; sometimes in ambiguous, austere conditions in Afghanistan, and other times in the controlled, complex environments of a US Embassy. After leaving the Army, Danny moved to Houston to work at a leading Oil & Gas firm, where he was exposed to several commercial roles, acquisition integrations, and facility relocations while simultaneously attending Rice University’s MBA program. Danny also holds a Master of Science in Technology Commercialization (MSTC) degree from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas. Danny currently serves as the President and Chairman of Holland Supply Company and Utility Solutions Group.