Our Investment Team

To assist with their goals, Steve and Danny have partnered with an experienced team of investors who come to the table with far more than a checkbook; they bring industry expertise, financial advising, banking knowledge, operating experience, and acquisition experience that are all used to ensure the long term growth of the organizations they bring into their fold. 

WSC & Company – Badge Stone, Macon Carroll – Website

Futaleufu Partners – David Dodson, Susan Pohlmeyer – Website

Craig Burr – Founder, Burr, Egan, Deleage & Co.

Matt Burr – General Partner, Matland Capital

Tom Cassutt – Founder TD Investments

Bill Egan – Founder, Burr, Egan, Deleage & Co.

Mark Egan – Founder, Managing Partner, Marion Equity Partners

David Lazier – Founder TD Investments

Ted McCarthy – Entrepreneur and Operator

Patrick Robbins – Deepwater Asset Manager, Fieldwood Energy

John Schnitzer – Subject Matter Expert, Natural Gas

Please contact us for additional information about our investors.